Heritage Park Preschool

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HPPS Summer Program Information

We run a fun, outdoor-based summer program that includes 2-3 field trips a week. Our curriculum for the summer involves nature, bugs, birds, and gardening. The summer program begins mid-June through the start of the next fall school year.

Weekly Field Trips include Strings in the Mountains, Library visits for story time, parks/playgrounds for hiking or playing. 

We also plant a garden on our playground during the summer months, planting mostly fruits and vegetables. The children learn how to take care of it - a valuable lesson that fruits and vegetables come from the earth and not the grocery store.

Twice a week we have "Splash Day," filling several water tables and small pools, putting the sprinkler on and turning our slide into a water slide. Once during each week we like to do "outside art day," devoted to doing something messy outside: painting, drawing with chalk, a sensory table with shaving cream, painting our hands or feet and leaving footprints, or making ice cream.

HPPS After-School Program

We offer an After-School pram for Heritage Christian School students up to age 8. The program runs 3:30-5:30pm and is $8 per hour. *Late pick-up fees apply.

"Our son is constantly learning new things every day, with lots of fun activities mixed in.  During the summer session, he also loved going on all of the field trips to Strings, hiking, gymnastics, etc. "